The History

1st Plant 1935

The Valpadana Company was founded in the Reggio Emilia area in the town of San Martino in Rio. Specialising in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, the company’s history has followed the evolution of this type of machinery from its first motor mower to its first motor cultivator.

The first Valpadana motor mower 1954
Model A54 makes its debut, the first VALPADANA motor mower.

The new Valpadana plant 1959
Inauguration of the new Valpadana plant, still situated in via Lemizzone 1, in San Martino in Rio.

The first 4-wheel tractor 1960

The birth of the first 4-wheel tractor that drew the attention of all the operators in the specialised sector to both the Valpadana name and brand.

SEP Motor mower 1966

Valpadana made the strategic decision to create SEP, a company that would specialise in the production and commercialisation of motor mowers.

1988 1988

Always innovative, Valpadana made the first reverse drive tractor with the driving position on a rotating platform. It was a multi function-machine that would be come the reference point for small mechanisation in the 90’s.

Valpadana Multitrac 1990

Valpadana established itself at national and international level for the high quality and wide range of its products varying from a 5 HP motor cultivator to a 80 HP 4 wheel drive tractor.

The Morra family 1995
The Morra family takes over VALPADANA through the holding company Argo S.p.A.

Valpadana 9000 1998

Production of the new 9500 and Jupiter series, a compact tractor ranging from 35 to 50 HP, started.

2000 2000

The new Millennium marked a big change. The Valpadana production was widened and 7 new ranges of tractors were presented.

Valpadana 1200 2002

The ranges of products have been widened in relation to the re-launch of the Valpadana brand name.

6500 ISR 2003

The new specialised range of ISODIAMETRIC tractors, series 6500, with reverse drive system is created. It is the first tractor in this range with an HYDRAULIC SHUTTLE.

Valpadana 1020 HST 2004
A new hydrostatic tractor, serie 1000, 2 ratio, from 12 to 16 HP is in production.

Valpadana 1325 HST 2005

VALPADANA made 1325: the first 4WD hydrostatic steering tractor with 69 cm. minimum width. 3 cylinder water-cooling engine, hydrostatic transmission and independent mechanical P.T.O. with oil-cooled multi-plate clutch.

1430 HST-REV 2006

ISODIAMETRIC tractors, series 6500, produce the new 6575, powered by John Deere engine 4 cylinder Turbo 66 HP, with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle (electronic drive): absolutely the first in the range. The progress of product range keeps on with the birth of new series 1400 first model 1430, powered by Perkins engine, 3 cylinder 26 HP. 1430 tractor is the smallest multi-functional implements tractor with hydrostatic transmission and reversible drive which is available on the market.

2007 2007

While continuing the research and experimentation for the future 9000 series, which will become the top of the range, Valpadana certainly hasn't neglected the small-medium power bracket and has created the new 4500 series. True to the corporate philosophy, this series proposes three absolute innovations for the 20/40 HP power bracket, namely: the synchronized 8FWD+4REV gearbox, the completely independent PTO with oil-cooled multiple-plate clutch and the oil-cooled multiple-plate internal brakes.

2008 2008

Valpadana promptly appeared at the biennial EIMA trade fair with the first tractor of the 9600 series, a machine in the 70-100 HP power bracket. First again in the industry to use the electrohydraulic reverse shuttle and 3.3 liter Cummins engines. The logo changed for the occasion and the re-vamped corporate image now underscores the “Original Passion” concept. Meanwhile, the 4500 and 6400 series continues to develop with the equal-wheel models.

2009 2009

Valpadana's resolute march towards a complete and revamped range continues. Production of the VP9600 series in the steering, articulated, reversible versions officially begins. The new VP6600 series with its new restyling and Euro 3 engines is presented at Agrilevante. The VP6400 range is completed with the ISM version and 47 and 60 HP power ratings. Bari is also the venue where Valpadana's new web site is launched.

2010 2010

Launch of the series VP9600 articulated cab version and the first natural gas-powered tractor awarded the signaling EIMA Technical Innovation 2010.

2012 2012

Launch of the new 4600 series, 3 models ranging from 25 to 47,5 HP.

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