Valpadana has always been dedicated to machines for specialized crops and now presents a series of tractors with the highest added value available in the market off “compact” machines designed for vineyards, orchards, hay-making, greenhouse cultivations and even private and municipal ground care. A selection of models will be on show at Sima 2015, where Valpadana will highlight the brand's on-going evolution tailored to suit world market demands. Among the models proposed at the Paris venue, the 4600 Series will be presented in the VRM and ARM (articulated) versions. Ultra-compact in size, these 23 to 48 HP tractors stand out for their easy-to-handle, versatile qualities obtained thanks to 970 mm minimum width and 2,320 mm outer wheel turning radius. Valpadana's 4600 series tractors offer silent, environmentally friendly engines, a powerful oil-cooled multiple-plate braking system, a transmission with 8 FWD + 4 REV speeds, synchro shuttle and a completely independent PTO with dedicated oil-cooled multiple-plate clutch. The sturdy chassis and a high lifting capacity (1,000 kg) allow heavy implements to be used with the utmost safety. The driving area with adjustable steering wheel, transmission levers sitting neatly alongside the steering wheel, operator's platform and all controls placed in ergonomic positions make these VP 4600 tractors ultra-safe and comfortable in every situation. When it comes to the higher power bracket, Valpadana presents the VP 7000 series, an extremely professional range designed for specialist agriculture and horticulture. Available in two models with 65 and 75 HP power ratings in the articulated and solely steering versions, the new VP 7000 Series is equipped with FTP 3200 cc 4-cylinder Stage 3A turbo engines. The VP 7000 Series also has a new cab with lots of room both in the normal and reversible position, featuring a monocoque structure and pneumatic seat. The easily serviced high-efficiency ventilation and conditioning system adds to the level of comfort provided by these tractors. The VP 7000 series also offers a new complete proportional Joystick to control all users, continuous oil delivery with flow divider, electronic sensitivity adjustment, cutoff valves on the hydraulic taps and floating functions on the double-acting sections. An optional hydraulic suspension system for the implements is also available. Lastly, the articulated version of the innovative VP 9000 series, the range that marks an important goal for Valpadana's high-range equal-wheel tractors, will also be on show at Sima. Increasingly professional and specialized, the VP 9000 meets the requirements of the specialized tractor market in a targeted manner. The VP 9095 and VP 90105 models feature FPT 4-cylinder 3.2 liter Tier 3 engines with 88 and 95 HP power ratings, respectively. One of the principal features of the 9000 Series is its Argo Tractors original 16 FWD + 16 REV mechanical Synchro Shuttle and creeper as standard equipment (from 0.8 to 40 kph). The De-Clutch button on the shuttle lever allows the tractor to be reversed without having to depress the clutch pedal, as does a second De-Clutch on the gearshift lever. In addition, the tractor can be stopped by depressing both brake pedals thanks to the Stop&Go system. The VP 7000 Series is also equipped with these controls. The range also offers an electro-hydraulic PTO, 2,300 kg power lift, 50 + 31 l/min hydraulic circuit, reversible cockpit as a standard feature of all models, front axle with 4WD engagement and 100% electro-hydraulic front and rear diff locks. All functions of the new Valpadana 9000 Series tractors can be operated by easy, user-friendly controls with balanced integration of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics.  On request, the VP 9000 models can be equipped with a hydraulic circuit controlled by a proportional joystick that operates the power lift and auxiliary control valves. The cab with air conditioning system offers improved comfort at work.

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