To provide an increasingly up-to-date and customer-oriented communication service, Valpadana has now launched its own Facebook page dedicated to the leading Italian brand’s specialist tractors for orchard, top fruit and groundscare applications. It will  contain photographs, video-interviews, vintage images, details about events and other news to keep users constantly informed about the Valpadana world. The communication revolution also involved the website Browsing is now simpler. In addition, the layout and contents are new, with lots of images of the machines. Argo Tractors – the global manufacturer of the Valpadana range – has also added a completely new digital tool that helps the user to choose the right tractor. Certain of the tractor's basic characteristics can be chosen using with the product selector, beginning with the category – hydrostatic, one-way equal wheels, reversible equal-wheels, conventional or specialist – or the number of cylinders or again, the required power range. Thanks to digital world potential, farmers and growers interest in the Valpadana tractor’s capabilities can then choose from a short-list of models easily by just a few clicks.

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